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Project Facilitation

We help you facilitate the delivery of your solution in Nigeria’s dynamic business terrain. This covers strategy formulation for market entry, sourcing local financing and establishing strategic partnerships.

Human-centered Program Design and Management

We integrate Human-centered Design (HCD) that takes cognisance of the needs, constraints, preferences and contexts of end-beneficiaries when designing development solutions that are built to last while directing efforts and interventions in the right places and with the right delivery.

Philanthropic management

We support and collaborate with individuals and corporate organizations in the development and implementation of high-impact philanthropic strategies and social development projects in Nigeria and Africa.

Needs Assessment and Impact Assessment

We perform needs assessment and analysis of sectors we work in to design relevant interventions that can channel resources for development and enable socioeconomic growth; we go further to source globally and locally for technologies and innovations that can deliver on these solutions; and we measure the attendant impact on development.
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